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What Are the Major Differences between Online Slots and Mobile Game Play?

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With the development of receptive design, improved cellular technology and abridged data costs. There is now more synergy flanked by desktop and mobile casinos. In fact, the business as a whole has seen a main shift towards. The ‘gamer on the go’ with a burly focus on pretty the mobile skill. Despite this, there are still some key difference between desktop and Smartphone / tablet casino game.

1) Behavior Of The Customer

Firstly, there is often a division between the desktop and mobile player in and of it. The desktop user is often a graver gambler who wager larger amounts and enjoy the professed level of security that a computer provide. The desktop knowledge typically offers more option, trustworthiness, better quality and bigger control.

On the other hand, the portable user may be a sportier gambler, wager smaller amounts with less risk involved. They usually value convenience, effortlessness and mobility over control, better features or an immersive experience.

2) Convenience (Physical & Digital)

The question of ease of use is twofold: physical accessibility / mobility. The number of limits that are practical when trying to play certain games and make active certain skin. While smart phones and tablets make admission likely at any time and from approximately anywhere. Mobile casinos and games are often naked-down versions of their desktop counterpart (though this is attractive less common).

Thus, certain games, features and higher options are often not obtainable on mobile devices. Internet access and dependability may also be a concern.

3) Options (Games & Game Options)

As outlined above, computer gaming normally provides a greater collection of choice – this relates to the number of games obtainable, gaming options and other types of functionality, either obtainable by the website or the game itself. These limits may arise from the size of the game (and relative lack of size of the mobile device), certain skin and belongings not being feasible or possible on smart phones or down to issue of connectivity and information usage.

With online casino games now being made with the movable user in mind (and often with a mobile-first approach), their sizes are flattering smaller, less data-heavy and the effects / features are becoming more competent. Thus, mobile casinos are starting to offer a better variety of games with more options.

4) Display, Quality & Control

The extremely nature of mobile devices (being portable and small) means that there is a summary display size. Computers offer a better screen with the aptitude to produce a lot of detail and high-quality graphics. There are also far more manage options due to the monitor size and the nature of the input mechanisms – think of a keyboard and mouse cursor.

On the other hand, a Smartphone has much less ‘real estate’ to do the same task. The visual display is much lesser, and thus has to dump some level of detail and excellence. Its nature also means that it has less control options – think of a phone’s keypad and the mass of a finger (in relation to a mouse cursor).

Sacrifice this level of display, detail, excellence and control is only an issue to grave gamblers or to people who value an extremely immersive experience. This being said, mobile casino games have come a long way and now brag some incredible graphics, sound effects and storytelling ability.


Despite the reward that online slot site provides, it’s in general more of an investment in terms of the hardware needed, time necessary and the lack of ease or mobility. As the world is becoming more driven by convenience, while mobile technology concurrent improves, the differences between computer and Smartphone / tablet game play will diminish even further.